Amidare's approach to your privacy

For Ami, your trust is more important than anything. So we respect your privacy and protect your privacy with strong encryption and strict policy stipulating how to handle all data.

At Ami, I believe it is important to first tell you exactly how your personal information will be handled. If you share your personal information with Gnomas, we will ask your permission in advance. When your thoughts change later, you can easily stop sharing with Amida. All articles are created centered on these principles. If we ask you to use your data, the aim is to deliver a better user experience.

We prepared this web page to explain how to handle your personal information, what information you gather, what information you do not collect, why to do so. We will announce you the latest information on privacy concerning at least once a year, and when there is a major change in policy, we will inform you on this website.

A few years ago, users of Internet services began to notice that they were part of the article, not the viewer, when using a free online service. However, Aimeuma believes that an excellent user experience is not sacrificing your privacy at all.

Our business model is clear. It is to write wonderful articles. Ami's articles and services are straightforward and simple.

Amiwa's efforts to protect your privacy are rooted in deep respect for each customer. We understand that your trust can not be obtained easily. That is why we have been doing our utmost to ensure that you always trust you. From now on, I will continue my efforts constantly.



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